Apps will be listed here once released

Fullstack Development

Hosting & Cloud Platforms

  • Azure
  • Firebase
  • IIS
  • Apple App Store & Google Play
  • Enterprise MDM for BYOD

Database and Storage

  • Microsoft Sql Server(TSQL)
  • Local Network Storage
  • Azure Storage Accounts

Backend Technologies

  • Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Entity Framework Core
  • LINQ
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Service Bus Queue
  • Microsoft Graph API
  • MSAL for Bearer tokens & user sign in

Web Technologies

  • Razor Web Pages
  • Bootstrap
  • Jquery
  • Knockout JS
  • Blazor
  • React.JS

Mobile Technologies

  • Native iOS development (UIkit & SwiftUI)
  • Native Android development using Kotlin
  • Crossplatform development using Xamarin & MAUI
  • Crossplatform development using flutter


Crusader's March

Crusader's March is a casual top-down roguelite with rock, paper, scissors based combat where you have to make sure the correct units are on the front lines lest they be thrown into the proverbial meat grinder. March from castle to castle defeating their owners and taking what's theirs. Grow your army from a handful of units to almost one-hundred soldiers. Upgrade their combat effectiveness with upgrades ranging from armor and damage multipliers to shoot speed and better shields.